Wednesday, March 16, 2011

number 9...number 9...number 9

(Anybody get the musical reference of my title?)

5:15AM  up early to work Macy's.  Weigh in:  another stall.  what is it this time-too much fat on my steak? I put lotion on my legs so I could wear capris?  I'm certain the punishment doesn't fit the crime but I'm not gonna let it ruin my day this time. 

Will my lunch omelet be my undoing?
1:30PM Work 2 jobs  today-Macy's then radio, so a late lunch once again.  I had this great idea for a 4 egg (only 1 yolk)  omelet with steak and spinach, bread stick and strawberries.  Sounds great right?  As the omelet finishes cooking and I'm about to toss it onto my plate with delight, I realize in horror that egg REPLACES meat-not both! oh the humanity-now what do I do? the omelet is I pick out the steak pieces?  only eat half of the whole meal?  Oh crap.  I decided to split the whole omelet in half and eat the other half for dinner.  I guess we will find out tomorrow at weigh in if I totally blew it.  PS. it was really good.

7pm Dinner was the same as lunch and just as good.

8:30PM boys came through the living room and said, "we are going to Sonic to get ice cream, so mom doesn't have to see us eat it"  That's sweet but I've already resisted mounds of chocolate, burrito the size of Matt's head and the "ice cream episode of 3/14"  I'll be OK.  They just wanted Sonic.

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  1. Wise decision on the omelet, pal. Now, Super Smart Sue