Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Save an Extra 15%

Not really,well maybe, somebody must be having a sale of some kind...the number 15 is kinda boring except if you are saving money. 

6AM  Well it's Monday, Spring Break is over and I have a ton of stuff to do this week.  I know I was a bad girl yesterday, so let's get this weigh in over with:  same...yay! I didn't gain 47 lbs eating at GT's or drinking an adult beverage.

10AM  worked on cheer video all morning (it's turning out awesome), got so single minded that I almost forgot my morning HCG drops...now doing the work thing for a few hours at the radio station. I'm already thinking about lunch, so it's time to start sucking down Darjeeling and pounding water. 

1:30PM lunch time  leftover BBQ chicken, a cucumber salad and strawberries.  no Melba or breadstick since the chicken has sauce on it.

3:30 - 5:30PM sat at DMV for two hours so that teen boy could get his permit.  Wasn't all that bad until we finally walked out after hours and I left my favorite Starbucks cup behind-doors locked no way to fetch it...I'm pissed at myself.

7pm  I brought home fried chicken and made potato and sweet potato wedges to go with.  I'm still pissed about my cup and dammit those fries look good so I had one of each kind. I feel kinda stupid that I "need" my cup.   Then I made myself a grapefruit and chicken breast salad with Walden's Italian dressing.  No breadstick this time either since I absentmindedly bit into the end piece of the french bread before I realized it while cleaning the kitchen...ugh!  I thought I was getting a handle on the mindless munching.  Takes 21 days for habits to form, so I guess I'm a few days early on that.  Found my old Starbucks water cup and feel  a little more comforted.  It's my woobie!

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  1. Awww, so glad you had your old, back-up woobie! Poor baby! Hope you can get in there this a.m. and get the new one back. See ya at coffee! :)