Thursday, March 17, 2011

A "Decade" has passed

Today is Day 10 and I've passed the 10 pound mark, yippee! Now I weigh what my old scale used to say-maybe I'll go weigh myself on that one too and feel even better!

5:15AM  up early to work.  Enjoying my coffee with T. of milk and 2 drops of Stevia and my almost 11lb weight loss.  Weigh in: 1.4 lost so 10.8 total so far.  A great way to start the day.
12noon at the radio station and Outback Steakhouse brings us all lunch! steaks and steamed veggies.  I  could have gotten away with eating that sans carrots but decided against it because I had steak twice yesterday.  dang it smells good tho!

go meat!
1:30PM lunchtime. what a dope-I end up grilling a burger on my George Foreman anyway! OK, fish or chicken tonight just to mix things up

6:30PM Love the fact that it is still light out, just sayin'

7:30PM Bought some shredded crab (real crab not Krab-too much sugar) and not sure what to do with it-found a crab cake recipe online and tried that.  Tasty but not much of a "cake" since it has nothing to bind it together!  I'll call it tasty crab pile,  salad greens, bread stick, cinnamon apples for dessert.  hey...when I was looking at another person's HCG blog, I saw they had 3 Melba toasts on their plate??  hmmm, am I ripping myself off in the bread department-my instructions say 1 toast or bread stick not serving?  research time. 

8:30PM  Was thinking to eat my 2nd dose of dark chocolate for the week, but decided to hold off.

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