Friday, March 25, 2011

The original title was Catch-18

Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 was originally named Catch-18 because of the Hebrew meaning of the number, but was amended to the published title to avoid confusion with another war novel, Mila 18My son is reading Catch -22 for History and Literature class, so when I went looking for the meaning of 18 other than the usual vote, enlist, move out, responsible stuff...I found that, hmmm.  It is from Wikipedia so take that for what it's worth!

6AM  Time for the dreaded weigh in...will it be 4 days with no loss?   Weigh in: down 1.4 lbs. yes! now lost a total of 15 lbs! Good start to a good day I think.  Coffee time.

6:30-10am  video making continues...this is my fave time of of each project-Tweaking! (no, not that kind of tweaking)  Now all the "legwork" is done and I can play with elements, sounders, movie quotes, my creativity gets to shine.  My fave things so far on this one?  I mixed a special "winning" jam that is hilarious and incorporated an old romper room song-BEST!

12:30PM Denise came in my studio and asked if I was losing weight...yay! someone that didn't know about my diet noticed!

1:30PM lunch without my drops since I ran out this morning-gonna have to swing by the "drop shop" and get more.  Made a red cabbage slaw, ate the last BBQ chicken breast and apples and cinnamon for dessert (no bread stick because of sauce)

4-4:25PM  Kyle drove around  the empty K-Mart parking lot getting used to driving a bit faster,  stops, turns and avoiding people who streak across the lot apparently in a rush to get to Hobby Lobby or Del Taco.  It made me kinda sad at how vital this area once was and now it's just broken down, faded and old. 

7:30PM Dinner baked talapia with asparagus, Melba toast and grapefruit for dessert and of course my .3 oz of dark chocolate.  I just looked around me and there is laundry stacked everywhere, dishes are piled up!  I managed to make dinner for everyone but it must be video season, nothing else gets done!  My apologies to anyone I've been ignoring this week-hyper focused when I'm working on videos.  Thankfully first one is out the door tomorrow and I have a couple of weeks before grad ones start piling in.

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  1. Not a lot of time but lots to say
    First - high five on your discipline and determination with the weight loss -
    2nd- love Catch 22
    3rd - Wikipedia - yes, let me just edit anything to juice up an article
    4th - Agree on Kmart - I would actually shop at that one and was sad they picked it as one that had to close rather than the skanky fort collins store - location, location, location
    5th - Glad it is not that kind of tweaking :)