Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 7

7:30AM  daylight savings time kicked in last night so, I slept in.  Weigh in:  no loss  Really? from 2 mints?!  That's the only thing different from any other day...what a pisser-no more mints for me I guess.   Majorly disappointed and seriously pissed.  Better read some more and find out WTF?

9:30AM  yep, based on the research I've found, the fake sugar in a tiny little mint can mess with the effectiveness of HCG.  It seems totally ridiculous to me, but my scale doesn't lie, so still no mints. My apologies for anyone who gets too close to my "diet breath"

12:45PM lunch time  this day has flown by!  Seems like it always does that when you lose an hour right?  I did a stir fry garlic shrimp with onions and tomatoes, a splash of clear broth, bread stick and apple. 

3pm Need to go over to Sprouts and get some more strawberries, allowed fruits, stevia sweetener drops  and some chocolate. Yep, I heard a rumor I could have 1 oz of dark chocolate twice a week so I am doing it!

7:30PM Dinner is a taco salad with lettuce, ground beef seasoned with Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle and fresh Pico De Gallo.  I had one Melba toast (which I laugh about each time)  and my 2 dark chocolate squares (that wasn't even an oz and still very satisfying)

PS something is wrong with my computer or blogger so I can't get my fave font or bold anything...ah, to have such big problems in life! 


  1. Aw, Dood. so sorry those mints messed u up! That sad smiley says it all. Looking forward to an update and further success! peace!

  2. Sorry about the no loss day, but don't get discouraged, you've lost so much already. :-)

  3. Darn Mints! just a small hiccup...Now you know and you're still on track!