Thursday, March 24, 2011

"She's Only 17..."

Remember the hair band Winger?  I was totally in love with Kip back in the day, altho it did piss me off that he had better hair than me.

Day 17 is a ho hum 3 of no weightloss even tho I was really good all day yesterday.  Somebody told me that a cheat will take 3 days to recover from...meh, it's Wednesday (boring) and still too much stuff going on.  Hope the day improves, kinda not in the mood for this.  Time to go dress in black for my Macy's gig.

10:30AM  Hard to stay in a bad mood when the sun is shining and it's so nice out!  Besides, I'm on the radio and that always makes me happy.  Plus, I got word that I don't have to work early on Friday and that gives me some breathing room on my video. Stress level decreasing nicely!

2:30PM extra chores at work so got home late and starving.  Liked my taco salad from yesterday so much that I repeated that-yum!  I sat down next to the bag of Dove dark choc eggs I bought for Bert...happy that those little eggs are a bitch to unwrap and didn't bother.

3:30-7PM teen boy drove some more-a little herkey jerky and stoppy quicky but other than that he giggled the whole time.  Parked crooked enough in the garage that his dad and brother noticed.  Then worked on video-tomorrow is tweak and burn day and it will be ready to go.

7:30PM had the hubby grill burger and brats, so I had a bun less burger, with mustard and onion (yeah, don't get too close)  radishes and strawberries.  I cleverly determined if I break up my 2 0z chocolate ration per week, I can have .3 oz each day-nice! that's about a square of this really great dark chocolate I get from Sprouts.


  1. stickin' with it! good job. Jamie said something about an "apple day" to kick the no loss days' ass! Know anything about that??

  2. there are apple days and steak days for phase 3