Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1

Time to start!  Here it is the morning of day 1 of my VLCD (very low calorie days).   I'll include some of my preconceived ideas before I start and see if they stay or go as I move through the program.  I am excited and nervous, optimistic and sceptical. 

Seriously?  As I read through all the information, two things i find hard to believe right now are:  the lotion/oils you use on your skin will keep you fat during this program and that you have to buy "special" ph balanced water...it's water! 

Ready, Set...Since this is my first attempt doing this, I believe I've prepared myself properly mentally and physically for this challenge (time will tell how naive that is)
  • I've read all the literature and gotten first hand info from other participants
  • Bought my George Foreman grill (my hubby made fun and I feel a little sheepish about it)
  • Dusted off my .2 weight scale and weighed myself (awesome, it shows 10lbs higher than my other scale-dislike, but moving on)
  • gotten out my .oz scale to measure food
  • have all my foods bought and ready (except Melba toast-need to go get that-I know it is gross but if I get to eat it, I'm gonna!)
my food scale-pretty fancy! (it's my hubby's RC airplane scale)
my GF right out of the box
Ok, here goes!

6:01am put my HCG (.5mil) dropper of liquid under my tongue for 2 minutes. tastes weird, not feeling hungry yet. Only get two meals a day so no eat until lunch. I have a feeling I'll be drinking lots of tea, coffee and water until then!

10am  thank goodness I'm working for Jennifer for a few hours today to keep me away from my kitchen!  The hunger pangs are annoying but do-able since I can concentrate on my show, wander around the radio stations and talk with people, make some tea or coffee, etc.  I've discovered that I can approach wanting something to eat just like when I quit smoking...one crave at a time, 5 minutes at a time.  Nice to find my inner strength again and not cave to every little food whim I have.  I am totally looking forward to eating my lunch for sure though!

12:45pm yes! lunch time  HCG dropper taken and 20 minutes on the clock.  Never has chicken, cucumbers and strawberries tasted so good!  I ate nice and slow and got mostly full. Natalie called to see how I was doing and offered some great advice-thanks!

4pmish  ugh! I hate being home watching TV right now because this is my time to over eat!  Have I yet? nope (yay!)  I did eat a 1/4 cup cottage cheese to keep me on track...this is by far the hardest part today.  Thanks for all the support on Facebook and here-it really does help me not to cave in to temptation. 

7pm made it to dinner without cheating. drops and grilled tilapia, lettuce with white vinegar and Mrs. Dash and an apple.  Not a bit of sugar today- amazing!  didn't eat anything after 7:30 double amazing. Drank half my weight in water, coffee and tea-back teeth are floating!


  1. Looking forward to following your journey Sue - hope I'm inspired!

  2. Sue,

    I found a hand/body moisturizer as well as a face lotion that have no oil at Natural Grocers (when I asked, they said, "Oh, are you on THAT diet??" LOL).
    Also, I drink filtered water from my refrigerator and I also use it for my tea.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing of your progress!

  3. so the lotion thing is for reals? go figure!

  4. It seemed reals for me Sue, here's my story: I went to my massage/acupuncture therapist, forgot to bring my oil-free lotion, she used her oils, I didn't lose weight for 2 days! I do cheat with using hair conditioner and it doesn't affect me as much, I hope...
    BTW, my pants are falling off - - > YAY! LOL!