Sunday, March 6, 2011

for the next 25 days...

I will be blogging about my experiences on the HCG Phase 2 plan.  Yep, it's a diet and I HATE diets, but I  hate how I look and feel more, so I'm gonna try this to jump start my fat loss. 

This is not a paid endorsement, nor is it one of those creepy websites that act like a blog but is just a tool for whatever they are selling.  I have NO AGENDA other than my own weight loss success for a change.  I paid for my HCG drops out of my own pocket.  This will be my personal journey and experience with this particular program and you are free to follow along if you want.  I will give you the website  for your own information and tell you that the before and after pics are real-she is who you will deal with in the Greeley store.  Her HCG drops are cheaper than anything you will find on the web and was very helpful.

Since I don't like to watch what I eat and this particular program is incredibly restrictive, this should be interesting!  Blogging every day is to help me stay on task.  I am desperate to get into shape by pool opening time and I may actually be enough of a grown up now to do what it takes!

TODAY:  I am currently in a 2 day "loading phase"  where you take the drops but eat anything and everything you want-the more fat and calories the better!  I know it's great, right? go out and buy and eat everything you've been denying yourself (or been eating to get fat) with no guilt, no restrictions.  Day 1 was yesterday and I went crazy-pizza, cake, ice cream, bread, fried i feel totally polluted!  I still have 1 day to enjoy bad things for me (and you can bet I will) but I'm now actually looking more forward to starting the 500 calorie a day routine. Maybe that's part of the program eh? I can also guarantee that I will be taking those words back once I start to feel hunger and deprivation!

I'll check in every evening and let you know how it's going.


  1. You are a brave little toaster, Sue! I think you are ready to kick some ass! You have my full support. :)

  2. You can do this! I love the idea of posting for all to see and to help keep you motivated...Whatever it takes! You will be a NUE SUE come pool time :) and I love ya.I will help and support in any way possible!

  3. thanks you guys, it means alot!

  4. Hi Sue, Joyce suggested I reach out to you here, congratulations for starting the diet! I have been on the HCG diet since February 1st and have lost 25 lbs! It is so motivating to keep on the diet when weighing yourself every morning and seeing the weight drop everyday!

    Since I have started, I have 5 colleagues who have started! I buy my drops from someone in Milliken: for $38 + tax vs. $40, just so you know (they have other recipes there too). You may be hungry for the first 3 days of Phase 2, but you get over it. It is best to cook the recipes with multiple servings, store in tupperware-type containers in the frig (both your meat and veggies), then you can grab your meal on the fly and not stray from the diet. It is very important to drink half your weight in ounces of water everyday! H. Cooper