Friday, March 18, 2011

"Any two for elevenish?" -Victor Borge

Victor Borge's "inflationary language"   hilarious!

6:15AM  no work early today-yay!  I can lounge around until it's time to take teen boy to Driver's Ed. Enjoying my coffee with 1 T of milk and some Stevia drops.  still haven't bonded with the drops yet but it does make me feel like it's a bit of a treat.   Weigh in: down another 1.2  total loss: 12 lbs.  Funny, I never bought  the line, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"  because I never had the discipline to resist yummies long enough to find out!  I am certainly not skinny yet and not sure  if that will be the mantra that keeps me at a lower weight when I reach my goal.  I'm just glad to find out that I can resist,  it has a payoff  and I look forward to a time that these good habits replace bad and I can automatically do the right thing with food.  I'll let you know if/when that happens!

8:30AM off to meet the gals for coffee at new fave there is the Vente Tazo Passion Tea.  We had a big group today with a couple of newbies...hope they plan to join us again.  It was so cute that the Starbucks workers actually missed us when we weren't there on Tuesday...awww!

12:45PM  well, I'll be doing the radio thing every day now (yay!), so time to plan my lunches a little better- had it together enough to bring it with me today.   Cat Food, salad, strawberries and Melba toast.   

7pm While my family noshes on chili cheese fries, I prepare an asparagus omelet.  Each of them comes in and steals asparagus as its sauteing in the pan (hey!).  Since I can't use oil, spray or butter, I've been substituting cubed chicken broth to keep the pan from sticking.  Didn't work all that great for the eggs even for a Teflon pan (wtf?) But I scraped every morsel out of the pan and it was delicious!

8:10PM Tempted to eat my dark chocolate, but again decide against it since I'm concerned I ate more melba toast at lunch than suggested and had 2 breadsticks with dinner.  I have a bad feeling I'm gonna pay for this!

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  1. The Evolution of Skinny Breadstick lady is fun to see! :) you're lookin' great too. Keep it up, Sooper Soo! :)