Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2

6am morning weigh in:  down 1.8 lbs YES!! worth the effort yesterday-feeling less polluted and more energetic.

6:15AM drops and liquid consumption begins. hitting the ladies room every 30 minutes...I think I'm drinking enough!

8:30am  usual coffee day  with the gals at foo foo coffee for me-big black coffee-note to self drink Starbucks tea from now on.  Their unaltered coffee is really strong!  threw in some cinnamon just to cut it a bit

10:30am shopping for Melba toast and Grissini bread sticks-must get out of Sprouts-very hungry and it smells like fresh baked bread-torture!

12:10pm  lunch time with drops, burger patty, steamed cabbage, Melba toast and orange.  My new favorite dressings are the Walden Farms no calorie, fat, sugar, carbs-there is literally nothing in it-how can this be?! I used some on my cabbage (Honey Dijon) and it was really good!  I also LOVE my George Foreman grill!

afternoon:  yay! got called in to cover somebody's shift, so no wandering around my house trying to dodge chocolates, chips or anything else calling my name

7PM dinner is a recipe I found on Facebook-stir fry shrimp with radishes (of all things) using some cayenne, onion and garlic powder and a bit of clear broth to add flavor - delish with some heat! 1 whole bread stick and strawberries for dessert. 

8:30PM Everyone around me is eating handfuls of peanuts and m and m's...kind of annoying since I have to keep reminding myself not to reach for them.  Like when I quit smoking, I look forward to a time that I don't have to think about it-it will just be 2nd nature.  I stayed strong and now have 2 days in a row of not eating after 7:30PM.  Don't laugh-up til now, I couldn't go a few hours without giving in to food temptation!  baby steps.


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  2. Still reading and rooting - soon to be Super Slim Sue! Yay yay -see you tomorrow on here and for the reals I think!

    Had to re-post, spelling error - jeesh!

  3. Awesome, Sue! So nice that you see immediate results. Makes it a tiny bit easier to continue. I'm proud of you! :)