Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ocho

Programming notes
  • titles are getting boring so I'll try and liven them up
  • PS I figured out how to get my bold and fave font back-stoopid compatibility view was turned on
7:15AM  slept in again  weigh in:  down 2.0 lbs yes!  .6 to get me into the next "decade" that will feel even better than losing 9.4 lbs in 8 days.  I didn't have any mints and if that's really all it takes, I'm there. 

8AM  just dropped off teen boy for Driver's Ed. Time for coffee!  Upon rereading HCG info, I found out I can have a tablespoon of milk each day.  That and Stevia drops just made my coffee a bit better.  I very rarely used cream in my coffee but always a teaspoon of sugar to start out the cup and then not add anymore as I refill.  Funny what a big difference that made going back to black coffee!  BTW, Stevia drops are not  as good as sugar!  It tastes like "diet" sugar and leaves that nasty saccharin/chemical after taste-bleh.  Will I still use it?  For $6.99 a bottle, you bet!

1:30PM  had work and meetings (with a 1/3 less drama than the other day), so I ate lunch late.  I am totally into Walden Farms Italian with sun dried tomatoes dressing-haven't found a single thing that it doesn't go on!  Today was grilled chicken, radishes and strawberries with a long skinny bread stick.  If you are what you eat, I hope to soon be a long skinny bread stick.  You can tell it's getting closer to "real" growing season because my strawberries were very red and tasty unlike the anemic ones last time.

4pm Son #2 asked how much weight I've lost so far and I said" 9.4."  He sez, "I guessed 10"  I then sez, "I don't feel like I look any different yet."  He sez, "I do, you look awesome!"  I love my Kyle.

7PM  Dinner is steak on the grill, salad, melba toast and 1/2 grapefruit.  Watched  son eat a HUGE bowl of ice cream with butterscotch and Heath bar hard shell chocolate...ahhh, memory of load day 2!  mouth is watering, but I resist-go me!

8PM Watched an episode of the show "Heavy"  That keeps things in perspective!


  1. Dear Skinny Breadstick, It's a treat every morning to read your blog and see your determination and progress! I am soooo happy that you have found what WORKS FOR YOU! Can't wait to see you at coffee today!