Monday, March 28, 2011


Day 21  a landmark-3 whole weeks of doing the same thing, good or bad, is supposed to make it a habit.  The 21-day concept was first introduced by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in a book titled,'Psycho-Cybernetics': 

When I quit smoking, I think I remember it being about 2 weeks or so when I felt the grip of smoking drop away enough where I didn't have to constantly fight it off and stand guard so much.  What a relief to be able to get to that stage when you can fend off "attacks" without having to "stand guard" at every moment. I'm not sure I am there quite yet with the food thing...I've been able to resist, but the urges are still overwhelming at times and maybe if I did cave to the temptation of a Reese's egg  or 5 (my current Nemesis),  maybe I'd be able to savor and enjoy one bite or one egg and be good with it.  I haven't tried yet, so I don't know for sure!  I've conquered the potato chip, does that mean I'll be triumphant over the egg?

6:30AM  Weigh In:  scale is waffling between same and down 1.2...dang it, I'd love to go with the lower weight but won't.  Have a baby shower to go to at noon and told myself I'd have this be a "cheat day" since there is always good girlie food at baby showers right?  I think I'll be better at the party if I know my weight isn't lower.  Time to start pounding water.

9:30AM  at store to pick up baby gift and some fruit...amazingly enough, no one was there yet, parked right up front, breezed in, got my stuff, chatted with some friends and got outta there.   PS.  completely ignored the Easter Candy aisle...for now.  I may face the evil peanut butter egg just to get it over with, but not today!  While I was in the diaper aisle getting, uh, diapers for the baby shower, I smelled the package of Pampers and it flashed me right back to when my kids were babies...what a happy memory!  I'm also going to include in the gift a small jar of Crisco shortening.  GO ahead...ask me why?  Years ago I was lamenting about diaper rash and a co-worker told me that Crisco worked better than any diaper rash creme she'd ever used and it was easier to wash off.  She did warn  not to confuse it with your cooking Crisco in the kitchen and don't use butter flavored!  (both for obvious reasons)  It worked like a charm and I never used "real" diaper rash creme ever again.  I always include it in my baby gifts and if nothing else it's a fun conversation starter!

Random observations:
As I look at my dirty George Foreman grill I realize I should have spent the money and bought the one that comes apart-these are a bitch to clean!

Girls go through stuff monthly-that has minimized, yay!

I haven't had swollen fingers or ankles for 21 days and I haven't stopped using salt.  These things started showing up when I quit smoking and really bummed me out because those were the thing I could count on to stay skinny!  Rings are loose again.

12noon  troll around the baby shower buffet to see if there is anything I can eat.  Settle on a few strawberries (oh dang they have sugar on them), celery, salad, the inside of a kraut burger, cantaloupe and a few pieces of cheese and a piece of cake.  I regret the cake only because it had that nasty whipped frosting on it.  I like old fashioned sugar coma icing.  The cake had pudding in it, so that was good-but it didn't have the appeal or draw that it used to.  ho hum, the joy has been taken out of being bad!

4:30PM  now I'm battling the "well, you've already blown it for today, go crazy" justification.  Think I'll take a nap instead.

7PM  made a modified chef's salad with ham, greens and no cal dressing.  The fresh strawberries are starting to get really good now...I don't know why anyone ruins them by putting sugar on them.  Made a toasted sub for the rest of the family and used that as an excuse to open the bag of Doritos.  I only ate idea why I stopped just glad I did!
I did eat 2 dill pickles and stared longingly at a piece of pound cake. (looked at the food label to get over it).

How sad to realize that the only reason I used to have to buy chips and Doritos every week grocery shopping was because I ate them all!  The same bags have been around the house for 2 weeks unopened.  The company is probably scratching its head wondering why sales are down in the area!

sweet dreams


  1. what a champ. That baby shower buffet was amazing! I too struggled with the G. Foreman grill so recently I googled cleaning methods and discovered a great trick. After you unplug it, take a dish cloth, get it soaking wet, wring a little out (so it's not dripping), and lay it on the grill surface. Close it. eat your food. when you're ready to clean up, it all wipes right off! The wash rag steams the the goo and makes it loosen right up! make sure you're using PAM on the surface every time too! :)

  2. these are good tips! I was told not to use PAM so I bought some cal free olive oil spray.