Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 6

Slept in til 6am...don't laugh this is a big deal!  weigh in:  down another 1.4 lbs. total of 7.4 pounds!  If this keeps up I'll be down a decade by the end of the weekend-sweet!  Tummy finally feels a little flatter-maybe I'll measure and see if numbers are different.    Ahhh, coffee's ready

9am working on the radio again today so planning my lunch to take with-decisions, decisions!

12:30pm time to eat lunch.  I love that I'm not hungry between meals as much!  For lunch today:  Cat food-just k, tuna always smells like cat food when you first open it. It's tuna with cucumbers with no cal Italian dressing, salt and pepper, breadstick, apple with cinnamon and lime juice.  Cat food needs more salt....better.

2pm  need something to get rid of coffee breath...can I have sugar free mints?  hmm, research ensues and I discover that sugar free mints can mess with HCG or not depending on you.  (Takes the risk and has 2 over the next few hours)

7pm dinner I substituted eggs for meat tonight and had an egg covered salad: 4 eggs-3 with no yolk is alot of eggs!  Not sure I'll do that again...I believe a gut ache is in my future.  I cleverly cut up my 1 Melba toast to use as croutons used Walden's Italian dressing and had orange with cinnamon for dessert.

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  1. Interesting meals Miss Sue- Why the cinnamon?
    And congrats on the 7.4 lose, you seem to be sailing along well!