Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ooooh, the spooky number 22

I keep seeing the number 22...anyone else?

A cricket field is about 22 yards in length, it is also the atomic number of Titanium, a very tough metal; A tarot deck is composed of 22 cards but because they are numbered from 0-21 we cannot really say which one is last; The typical (minimum) number of episodes in a season for a television program broadcast on a major American network is 22; On the discovery channel show, named "Most Evil", the scale of evil in which the psychologist measures his subjects is from 1-22, 22 being most evil.

Yes, I always see it after 21.

That's strange because I always see it right before 23. Do you think we might have a psychic connection going here?

The above  excerpts are from posts on  this website that I thought were interesting, funny and  just plain smart-assed.  Go here to see it in full context:

4AM up early to cover traffic so Teri can enjoy an extended birthday weekend.  you are welcome!  shiny thing: by the way, is it back splash or splash back when the roads are wet??  I'm going with splash back since back splash is a little too close to backwash for me. 

Happy Monday!  I am on day 22 so it's time to get back on track.  I was only gonna go until day 25 this first round, but I may continue so I can get closer to my goal of 25 lbs lost.  10lbs to go as  of my morning weigh in managed to stay the same even after a "cheat day" Funny thing perspective...I used to be annoyed by no loss-not today!  Tomorrow better be different tho as I plan on being a very good girl.
9AM  done with traffic and an hour to kill before getting on Big...sure wish I could eat breakfast over at the new Perkins...mmm, pancakes!

9:30AM did some online shopping with bonus money and finally purchased the button maker I've been wanting...who needs 1" buttons for their marketing/promotional needs/event/band/radio station/club/sports team? Can't wait til it shows up! First design will be for The Greeley Goddess Society! Ladies, send ideas.

12:30pm Lunch time-chicken breast with fresh pico that's really hot!  cucumber salad, bread stick and strawberries.

2:30PM teen boy got to drive home from Reno's house without fear of the  McAuliffe parents clogging up our neighborhood and freaking him out (early release day).  I made him eat the last piece of pound cake that was taunting me all afternoon...he didn't seem to mind.

4-6PM  doing afternoon traffic and it was snooze city!  Good for commuters bad for having anything to say!  Not even the usual slow and go at 104th was enough to mention. The only drama was I think Kramer ran out in a hurry to be with his wife...baby coming? yay!

7pm  Dinner  I have a bunch of bread laying around, so I decide to make french toast and bacon for dinner.  Another "hazard" of my less eating-bread and bacon trying to go bad!  I had a onion and celery omelet, Melba toast and apple.  Went to put everything away and there was a tiny crumble of bacon left over...yes, of course I kyped it!   mmm 
I discovered this spray olive oil that has nothing in it for a 5 second spray-yippee! Now if someone would make a choc spray like that....

today's recipe:
fresh pico de gallo
4 Roma tomato
1/2 red onion
fresh jalapeno (to taste)
onion powder (to taste)
1 clove garlic cut up (or 1tsp chopped from prepared jar)
squirt lime juice
garlic powder
salt and pepper

chop coarsely and season to taste and heat preference.  Serve with chips if not on VLCD or add 2 T. to chicken breast, talapia or VLCD taco salad.


  1. Dood! Button maker sounds awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with. My only idea is a button with a little symbol for each of us. With "Greeley Goddesses" on it, of course. Good job staying away from the bacon and french toast; what a stud. :) see ya at coffee.

  2. love that you used the term "kyped it" - and keep it up with the discipline and stuff...

  3. today's word to get my comment posted - "execru" we must be able to come up with a definition for that, eh