Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 5

5am up early to work at Macy's again.  Weigh in:  down 1.6 pounds-woot!  I don't see any difference  nor does it show in pictures yet but I like the way the scale is going!  Total since starting on Monday- 6lbs lost.  This and all the kind encouragement you've been giving me here and in the real world will help me continue to do good!

12pm  just got home from both jobs.  For the first time not incredibly starving, just ready to eat (yay!)  Got a call from an old friend to meet up, so I ate my lunch of burger, fried onions, celery, grapefruit and breadsticks (yes, I ate the extra one from yesterday!)

12:45pm met up with my friend Michelle and we sat at the King Soopers Starbucks catching up for near 4 hours!  So nice to see her and reconnect again.  Had a vente Passion Tea and discovered it's my new fave drink there.

4:30pm Son #1's band practicing at my house-love these guys-they played some classic rock tunes for me, ha ha! After they left I napped on and off til hubby came home.  I was wiped out from not much sleep the night before. Felt good to snooze after a long week!

8pm Really didn't feel like eating, but knew I should so, tuna fish with Walden's Italian dressing, radishes sprinkled with salt, I had a serving of Melba toast (4 crackers instead of 1) to put the the tuna on-hope that doesn't blow my deal, and an orange for dessert.  I never realized how filling an orange can be!


  1. Enjoying everyday Sue - and remain impressed, proud and inspired....

  2. thanks for the encouragement-every day gets easier!