Sunday, March 20, 2011

The number it really unlucky?

6:30AM  Feels like it to me today!  Maybe I should be like some of those superstitious buildings that refuse to name a floor 13-It's there BUT we chose to ignore it. Denial? yep, I can do that!  weigh in: no change/stalled out again  Been there done that so I'm trying not to be discouraged. (altho it would have been fun to be 13 for 13)  Sipping my morning coffee and moving forward.  I seem so well adjusted don't I?

This is a fun fact place I found about numbers:

8:45AM getting ready for my live Saturday shift and decided instead of stewing about lack of progress, I'd take measurements-maybe inches instead of pounds?   Total of 1" off my waist and nowhere else.  Hmmm, how does a person lose 12 lbs and it doesn't show in inches too?  I must be getting squishy then  because I put on jeans that I couldn't wear comfortably two weeks ago and they now fit-snug but comfy.  OK, I can live with that!  note to self: done analyzing, it's just extra brain damage

9:30AM  had to sign a permission slip for a background check...hope they don't find out that I'm really Lady Gaga or connect me to those unsolved robberies...kidding!  I'm sure they will die of boredom half way through the process.

10-12noon whew! hectic start to my day with 2 remotes and my own show going on at the same time-queen of multi tasking even with some audio issues right out of the gate.  Discovered that Kramer's coffee is really strong without doctoring, switching to tea. 

12:30PM lunchtime!  BBQ chicken breast (yep, full strength BBQ sauce, but not very much), radishes, one Melba toast and an apple. Gonna have to eat my chicken caveman style since they don't let us have sharp instruments  in radio.  Oh dang, went downstairs to the sales kitchen to find forks and found a ginormous, full size chocolate sheet cake with gobs of icing...was that really necessary? (hurries back upstairs)  Good thing my Gala apple was extra tasty.

5pm Made it out of work without touching the cake, but was bound and determined to eat that bag of chips I denied myself by the time I got home...walked straight into the kitchen, confronted the bag of chips head on and ate one.  What happened next was amazing- it wasn't as good as I expected and the need to eat more was gone!  OMG, this never happens!  Even the old TV commercials say you can't eat just one.  But I did and managed to get on with cleaning the kitchen and making dinner. Maybe there is a lesson here about mountain and mole hill? 
who's the bad ass now?!
7pm  Although the pepperoni pizza looks tempting, thankfully there are some hungry men and boys at my house to make short work of it.  I go for grilled talapia and fresh pico with strawberries and an .oz of dark chocolate. (well, it is Saturday night after all)


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  2. If that was me, that bag of chips would of been history! YAY! to Sue for doing the right thing! :-)

  3. Temptation around every corner but Super Sue remains steadfast.....hurray