Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4

5:45AM weigh in:  1 more pound down yay!  Total of 4.4 as of today. Nice!
Time to start drinking my water, coffee and tea

love my scooter journal to write my weightloss in!
8:15AM off to Nite Ize for teenboys job shadow day.  Looking forward to shopping in Boulder with fellow Goddess Hippie and lunching with Goddess in training Sprocket Mama.

10:30ish  teen boys dropped off at job shadow now to Pearl Street Mall for some shopping.  Had no idea there were so many restaurants on Pearl St.-the smells are outta control-I breathed deep and enjoyed them all, but majorly hungry!  I drank a sample coffee at Peppercorn to help tide me over til lunch.

12:45pm lunch at Pica's Mexican restaurant, little worried about what I could eat, but I told them what I was doing and they made me a fabulous carne asada salad with fresh pico de gallo...yum! brought my own orange and melba toast and had sugarless ice tea-even tho our new friend Matt had a huge burrito on one side of me and my son had an equally huge one on the other side-very satisfying.
Matt and his beautiful burrito!

2:45pm after more shopping, we pick up boys and head back home-what a beautiful day! we had such a great time!

7pm Dang, why did I say we'd have Roma's spaghetti for dinner? The bucket of gigantic meatballs, saucy noodle goodness and garlic bread is looking very inviting! Thankfully extra teen boy here for a sleep over helped gobble up my portion!  I'm not gonna lie was really trying to figure out how I could justify the meatball if I could scrape off the sauce...didn't do it.  My dinner was a grilled burger with grey poupon, sliced cukes with Walden Farms Italian with sun dried tomatoes dressing and I jazzed up my apple by cubing then sprinkling with lime juice and ground cinnamon.

11pm heading to bed...oops, forgot to eat my breadstick at dinner...why do I remember now and does that mean I get two tomorrow?


  1. You are one strong Lady! Awesome will power in the land of scents, burritos and meatballs!

  2. Me too proud - I watched you resist all the temptations at lunch and comment on ours - I will say yours looked pretty good for something to accomodate your needs.
    Thanks for all the fun yesterday - <>