Monday, March 21, 2011

Will she three-peat on Day 14?

Well, normally three-peating would be a good thing right? It means you go to the show,  to the dance,  and as Charlie Sheen so eloquently put it recently, "Duh, Still Winning!"  When it comes to the stalemate between my scale and me, I'd rather not three-peat the last two day stall. 

Here goes...drum roll please...Weigh In:  down 1.8 for a total of 13.6 lbs lost!  oh relief, pride, satisfaction!  I'm going to celebrate with a T. of milk in my coffee

12:30PM  After a morning of organizing pics, getting ready to put a video together and making t-shirts for Scarlet Canary's debut gig tonight, I am sooo ready for lunch!  I stir fried steak, spinach and onions together for a tasty meal.  Add a bread stick and some strawberries and I'm good to go.

5PM heading to Denver to see son #1 first gig as the band Scarlet Canary.  Drank too much water on the long car ride if you get what I'm saying.

6:30PM head banged with the band and they rocked it!  I decided to not be a total square and had a vodka and cranberry adult beverage.

Scarlet Canary rocks in my basement
8:30PM  Stopped for dinner at Gunther Toody's  I know, you are thinking why in the world would you stop there-had to be torture!  Not really, I had their classic burger with no bun, fruit instead of fries and a salad.  Was it a VLCD protocol meal? nope Was it the worst thing to eat? nope.  If I weigh more or the same tomorrow, I'll at least have a  legit reason why.


  1. Soo, you even make DIETING cool! :) Congrats on the 13.6! :)

  2. Totally agree on Super being a cool weight loss maven...