Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey Nineteen

Quick! Name the duo

It's Friday!  days never used to matter so much to me because I worked sporadically, but for  the last couple of weeks I've been a regular  M-F working girl.  Well,'s still radio which isn't like work and it's not 9-5.

4:30AM  up early to finish off video...light scribing the labels actually takes longer than burning the DVDs

6:30AM sent Kyle a text upstairs to get up for school-love that! I can hear his feet hit the floor as soon as I push send, ha! Weigh In: same  I guess I'm getting used to every other day weight loss.  I feel weird not exercising like I'm used to, but they say it actually hinders this program...ok, but I'm gonna be upset if I get saggy baggy.

9:40AM  Seriously dude, stop playing/tweaking/changing the video and render it already!  As it is I'll be finishing the last one as Brodie pulls up this afternoon!

12:30PM lunchtime burger with Grey Poupon, mixed greens with no cal dressing and a bread stick as croutons and an orange.  I got to thinking, oranges are almost as big as grapefruits, why am I allowed a whole orange and only 1/2 a grapefruit?

3:30PM well, I wasn't far off on my guesstimate on video finishing-sheesh.  I never thought 2 minutes to burn and 4 minutes to lightscribe could take so long!  Well, there are 24 day a year I could use one of those multi tower DVD burners and scribers, but I'm pretty sure I can't justify the purchase.  As CFO of AOAS Creative Services, that would be a no (darn, I hate my practical side).

5pm too early to eat dinner, but I have a gnawing feeling so I have the allotted 1/4 cup cottage cheese.  I added salsa like Lynda suggested-much tastier!

7pm Feeling relaxed after a very productive day.  Although I'm sure hot Italian sausage isn't on my to eat list, I'm gonna anyway since I've been smelling it in the slow cooker all day.  1 1/2 links equals 3.5 oz, mixed greens salad, no bread stick and cinnamon apples.  That was my last apple-add that to the grocery list. 

9:30PM  Trolled through kitchen to see if anything needs to be put away.  oops the other half of that sausage looks so sad by itself...better finish that off and almost forgot to eat my ration of chocolate.

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  1. Dood - Steely Dan - one of my faves back in the day