Sunday, March 27, 2011

...and on the 20th day...

Day 20 seems like a nice even day to reflect back and make some observations about this little journey of mine.  
1.  I sometimes still can't believe I'm doing this. Up until 20 days ago, I couldn't go a few hours without caving to some food craving  
2.  I actually have a lot of fun making these lo cal meals-experimenting with flavors, color combos and such.

3. Family,  friends and acquaintances have been so awesomely supportive!
4.  As when I quit smoking, everything tastes better.
5.  I never thought of myself as having tummy troubles, but now that I REALLY don't have any, what a difference!

6AM   A little concerned about the weigh in since I snacked a little late last night...whew! no gain. Staying steady at 15 lbs lost.

More observations:
6.  haven't had a headache in 20 days...used to have a major throbber at least once a week and I still fall asleep funny on the couch and have just as much stress-what a nice side effect!
7. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday and they were already loose
8. Since the "drama" of losing my Starbucks cup, I'm finding it harder to get my water in...have to really think about grabbing water bottles and I miss my lemon wedge! (have you tried to fit a lemon wedge in a bottled water?)
9.  I'm getting used to the taste of Stevia drops-don't like it yet, but it's not as bad.

12:45PM  Lunch time  "cat food" on (4) Melba toast, radishes and grapefruit. hot tea to drink because it is freezin' ass cold in my studio! Jen made fun of my cat food...not a tuna fan I guess.

4pm  off work and off to cheer banquet-they are always kind enough to extend an invitation to watch the girls react to the video I make.  Ahh, torture at the banquet-good food and good smells! The theme was Candy land so candy was all over the tables.  Drank 3 bottles of water and texted anyone who would answer to keep myself distracted.  Yep, I resisted it all!  The cheer squad surprised me with an award this year-I'm an honorary cheerleader!  They loved the video, got some leads on more work-good productive day again!

7pm  Made the best taco salad  EVER!  Crumbled beef on a bed of greens, touch of taco seasoning.  I cheated a bit and had one T. sour cream and 2T salsa and threw on some hot sauce. I tossed on some no cal dressing and it was delicious!  Have you ever had that perfect  that met all your needs?  It was tasty from start to finish, every bite satisfying and when it was done, you'd like t repeat it all over again, but don't because there is no repeat?  I love when that happens

9PM  Hubby takes teen boy out night driving.  I start trolling the kitchen for "something"  I feel like a crack head, so I once again have one potato chip. It still wasn't tasty enough to eat more-big girl pants in tact.

10:30PM  highly motivated this morning to come up with 20 observations.  Now? meh


  1. Feel free to put me on your distracted text list - if I can reply I will...
    Keep going Sue - and the observations above were just right

  2. LOL! Dood, your cat food lunch just sounded whacky! what can i say? You amaze me being able to stop at ONE CHIP! Keep the big girl pants, they're working for you! :) I think you're even amazing yourself with this; I know you're amazing US! :)